Lose the fat and gain energy naturally with Viance Nutrition

Viance offers a dramatically different approach to weight loss – one that uses power-packed, whole-food and superfood ingredients to naturally satisfy your hunger and energize your body. Most people will lose 10 to 15 pounds in the first month. Plus… we’ve done all the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on getting results!

Our 3-Stage Program is so simple!

Our plan has three stages:

Stage 1: Lift Off (3-Day Cleanse)

Cleansing toxins and restoring energy

Stage 2: Fat Buster

Burning fat and improving metabolism

Stage 3: Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining the new you with a healthier, nutritious daily routine It’s simple, effective, and it’s sure to do wonders for your body, mind and spirit.

Stage 1: Lift Off (3-Day Cleanse)
Kick Start your Metabolism
+ Flushes Toxins
+ Boosts Metabolism

Stage 1 is a simple 3-Day Cleanse unlike any cleanse on the market. No running to the bathroom, no fasting or starving yourself, no dangerous concoctions of lemon or pepper!

Stage 2: Fat Buster
Melt Pounds of Fat Safely
+ Lose 10+ Pounds a Month
+ No Cravings or Hunger Pains

Stage 2, the heart of the program, targets fat loss and nutritional imbalances to get you quickly looking and feeling your best.

Stage 3: Keep a Healthy Lifestyle
Tone Up & Lifelong Health
+ Tone Up Your Body
+ Lifelong Vibrant Health

Stage 3 tones muscles, helps you develop lifelong eating and exercise habits, and helps eliminate chronic health issues.


Customer Reviews

We have a 4.8 out of 5 star rating from verified customers who purchased Viance products.

On the products for 2 weeks

I purchased the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Bundle. Although I'd like to lose 15 lbs., my real focus is to improve my overall health. I thought that Viance Nutrition would be a good place to start. And so far, it definitely has been. I haven't had cravings for sweets or other low nutrition foods. I find that any cravings I've had aren't from hunger, but from that urge to just snack based on the amount of stress I'm feeling. Love the energy boost that the Greens Formula provides. The shakes and bars are tasty. I've tried several of the recipes as well and found them to be delicious. Two weeks is a short time to tell if my overall health has improved but I believe I'm feeling better. And as a bonus, I've lost 5 lbs. so far too. Looking forward to continued improved health.

Stage 1: 3 Day Cleanse (Chocolate)

Just finished the 3 day cleanse. Lost 2 pounds. Love the product. I have a sweet-tooth. I am not craving sweets at all. This is day 4 and have not had any sweets (that is big for me) and not wanting them. The first day I was hungry but fought my way through. By day 3 I was making myself eat my afternoon nutrition bar because I was not hungry. Love the bars...especially the peanut butter. Excited to continue and lose these extra pounds I have picked up!!!

Feeling Great!

I have been using Viance for 19 weeks and am excited about the 35 pounds I have lost. I picked Viance over other products do to it being all natural, I can use it along with lean meats and vegetables for meals, I order the products when I need it and I enjoy the taste of the products. I have introduced Vitality Blend to my very skeptical husband that has rejected clean eating, and he has lost weight and tells people he feels 10 years younger. Thank you Viance for helping us be healthier!


I've tried everything on the market to lose weight - but my appetite "does me in" every time! But the Viance program is working so well for me. I'm not hungry and that really helps me eat what I should rather than what I want! The chocolate Vitality is a great start to the day, both filling and tasty. I especially like the Mission Fig bars - the others are good too, but the fig is my favorite. I also enjoy the tangy taste of the Ultra Slim and I think this really helps control my appetite before meals. Probably my least favorite, but still not a problem, is the Greens before bed. I really have no complaints about any of the program and I lost 14 pounds the first month WITHOUT FEELING HUNGRY! Probably more important was the increased feeling of well-being I experienced. The second month is going well also. You will enjoy the ease of ordering and the quick delivery time! I chuckle at the really cute email replies from Viance - Witty and friendly! All in all, I'm sure you can see the positive experience I've had with Viance. I'm going to order some Vitality for my husband - he doesn't need to lose weight, but needs to focus on better nutrition. Give this program a try - it really works! PS - the recipes are delicious - One suggestion Viance - Please make your online blog searchable - it's difficult to go back to a recipe. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you:-)

Viance products

I can’t say enough about Viance products. I have tried so many different nutrition drinks and bars and Viance is by far the best. Nutrition drinks are so good and the bars are excellent. The green drink is to die for. If you have not tried these products you should. Lost weight… full of energy and feeling good. Thanks Viance for great quality products… loving life… your the best

This program is what they say it is!

I absolutely love the products. I was amazed at how my cravings disappeared. I was able to discontinue my 3+ a day soda habit easily. My digestion improved and I have more energy than I had in years. I highly recomment this program.

Viance Nutrition is a revolutionary wellness company that believes nutrition is the simplest form of medicine. It’s the mission of Viance Nutrition to provide all natural, non-GMO, 100% natural ingredients that help regular people break free from harmful diets and destructive eating habits. How you eat can completely change your life, and Viance is dedicated to bringing real, whole food to the masses to revolutionize nutrition in your home.

Unlike other nutrition companies that leave you on your own once a sale is made, Viance offers outstanding community support via meal plans, exercise tips and informative videos. We want to change the way you think about food by educating, encouraging, and sustaining you for life. Join us on our mission to revolutionize nutrition and experience personally how Viance Nutrition can help you become a healthier, more vibrant person.

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