Viance Brownie Bites

The Perfect Snack For Staying Fit

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These power houses are loaded with super foods and are the best tasting bars on the market!!! They will fill you up, even though they only have 100 calories. They are super low in sugar (3g), yet they will totally satisfy your sweet tooth. I will buy them back from you if you don't absolutely love them. 

Viance Brownie Bites may just be the ideal snack. Made from real food that will fill you up and keep you focused and energized. Although they taste just like a chewy, fudge brownie, they have only 3g of sugar, only 100 calories and 6g of protein! These little power-houses are packed full of healthy fats, prebiotics, fiber, grass-fed protein and only 3g of sugar! Woo hoo! Perfect for the kids lunch box too!

If you want a healthy snack to hold you over till lunch or are struggling to find a snack for your weight loss plan or just want a healthy burst of energy, then Viance Brownie Bites are for you.

Ingredients/ Includes

+ 100% All Natural Ingredients

+ No Preservatives or Anything Artificial

+ 6g Grass Fed Whey Protein

+ 7g Prebiotic Fiber

+ 3g Sugar

+  Packed with Healthy Omega-3 Fats and Phytonutrients

Delicious and Fulfilling! To my surprise, or rather shock, the brownie bite is delicious. I expected the mundane protein bar or healthy snack food taste but was shocked to find an amazingly delicious snack. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and help you to stay on track with your weight loss or health goals.


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