Viance Ultra Slim

The Best Way to Hydrate

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Viance Ultra Slim is a synergistic blend of ingredients that helps you lose extra weight by many different methods: appetite suppressant, fat burner, fat and starch blocker, blood glucose regulator and digestive aid.

Adding a dropper full of Viance Ultra Slim to your water bottle throughout the day is a simple way to turn boring water into a delicious and healthy hydrating, fat busting, energizing drink. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for your body to metabolize fat and convert food into energy – boosting your energy levels.

Ingredients/ Includes

+ L-Carnitine

+ Garcinia HCA

+ Green Tea

+ Ginger

+ Mango

+ Bitter Orange

I really like the taste of the drops in my water. I don't have all the sweet cravings I've had in the past and it's very simple to use !! : ) I probably drink more water now as part of my daily health just because of ultra slim drops!

Kaye K.

Viance customer

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