How does Viance help me lose weight?

Viance uses super-packed ingredients to revitalize your body with necessary nutrients you need to lose weight. Our products are scientifically designed to block starch and fat absorption and replace empty calories with vitamin rich food. By replacing empty calories, you'll eat less and feel fuller. This program does NOT starve you - you eat up to six times a day. Depending on how much weight you're looking to lose, we've designed programs to help you safely lose it and keep it off.

What other changes will I see from using the Viance program?

Many of our customers report they are no longer addicted to salty and fatty foods like chips and sweets. In addition, many customers say they no longer rely on caffeine or diet soda to stay energized throughout the day. You'll see a huge increase in energy, vitality, and body health. Your skin will be softer, your hair will be shinier, your nails will be stronger, and your body will stabilize. You'll look better...and most importantly, feel better!

Are Viance products GMO free?

YES, and they always will be!

I have food allergies - is it ok for me to use Viance products?

Many of our products are dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and vegan. Please click on the Nutrition Info tab for each individual product to see the ingredient list. 

Does Viance provide any additional stuff like meal plans or workout ideas?

Each Health Goal Kit includes a free meal plan, shopping list, recipes, and workout plan for your desired intensity. We also offer gluten free, vegetarian, and paleo meal plans for an additional small cost.

What if I don't like the Viance products I buy?

We offer an unconditional, 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like our products for any reason, you can return them for a full refund. No questions asked!