Viance Lifestyle Starter Kit

All the weight loss essentials

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Viance Lifestyle Starter Kit is your chance to finally reach your weight loss goals without having to turn your life upside down!

These essential products not only get your waistline trim, they help you optimize your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar as well. This kit provides all of the Viance supplements you'll need to get fit, active, and healthy.

So Simple:

Simply replace one meal per day with our Vitality Blend Breakfast Meal Replacer. This all-natural, non-GMO antioxidant shake is loaded with plant based protein, fiber, probiotics and digestive blend to energize you through your day.

Have a Brownie Bite for a mid-morning or mid-day snack. These little power houses are loaded with protein and fiber and have only 100 calories and just 3 grams of sugar.

Stay hydrated and slim with our Ultra Slim water enhancing drops. Viance Ultra Slim is a synergistic blend of ingredients that helps you lose extra weight by many different methods: appetite suppressant, fat burner, fat and starch blocker, blood glucose regulator and digestive aid. 

Viance Greens Formula is loaded with Super foods. Greens Formula works great for curbing junk food cravings and sugar cravings. You will love the increased energy from Viance Greens Formula.

Order today! Get your 2017 Viance Lifestyle Starter Kit now and start living the lifestyle you’ve been wanting to for so long! 2017 is YOUR year to be fit and healthy.

Ingredients/ Includes

+ 30 servings of Vitality Blend

+ 30 servings of Viance Greens Formula

+ 28 Brownie Bites

+ Viance Blender Bottle

+ Fit and Healthy Nutritional Guide

+ FREE 60 servings Ultra Slim

I've lost 20 lbs and Viance continues to help me keep it off! I really like the taste of the shakes and the greens formula. I drink the shakes for breakfast and I'll have the greens formula before a workout. It gives me great energy! It also decreases my cravings for sweets! I really enjoy these products.

Leizl S.

Repeat Viance Customer

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