Stage 2: Fat Buster

Lose up to 10 pounds a month.

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The Fat Buster is perfectly balanced to keep you full and energized. You will never go more than a few hours between meals. And, since the Fat Buster comes with a month of meal replacements, you will actually spend less on food than you do now.

This program is for people who are ready to make lasting change and are fed up with dieting and having to starve yourself to lose weight. The Viance Stage 2: Fat Buster is perfectly balanced to give your body the essential nutrients, healthy fats, protein, fiber, sugars and vitamins that you need to shed fat and keep muscle. 

Ingredients/ Includes

+ 30 servings of Viance Vitality Blend

+ 60 Viance Nutrition Bars (2xday)

+ 60 servings of Viance Ultra Slim

+ 30 servings of Viance Greens Formula

+ Program Guide & Meal Plan

+ Healthy & Easy To Make Recipes

I am extremely pleased with the Viance system . My cravings for sweets and constant snacking are a thing of the past . I feel great. As promised my energy is improving more each day . The plan is easy to follow and the shakes and nutrition bars are delicious . I recently purchased another for my daughter who is a pretty picky eater and so far so good with her . I am really glad I stumbled upon this product.

Ilona N.

Viance customer

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