Stage 3: Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

Live the Vibrant Life

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Stage 3 - Keep a Healthy Lifestyle is designed to help you maintain a high level of nutritional and physical wellness. Created as a natural follow-up to our weight loss programs or to supplement an already active lifestyle, Stage 3 - Keep a Healthy Lifestyle is for people who have ditched bad nutrition and are living better than they ever have before.

The Stage 3 - Keep a Healthy Lifestyle program doesn't just keep your waistline trim, it helps you optimize your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar as well. This kit provides all of the Viance supplements you need for an entire month, and you can subscribe to have them automatically shipped to your front door every month. It's the perfect way to stay fit, active, and healthy.

Ingredients/ Includes

+ 30 day supply of Vitality Blend

+ 30 day supply of Viance Greens Formula

+ Viance Blender Bottle

+ Fit and Healthy Nutritional Guide

I've lost 20 lbs and stage 3 continues to help me keep it off! I really like the taste of the shakes and the greens formula. I drink the shakes for breakfast and I'll have the greens formula before a workout. It gives me great energy! It also decreases my cravings for sweets! I really enjoy these products.

Leizl S.

Repeat Viance Customer

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