Stage 1: 3-Day Cleanse

Wake Up That Tired Body Of Yours!

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Kick Start Your Metabolism

This simple 3 Day Program removes excess water weight, flushes toxins from your liver and kidneys, jump-starts your metabolism for maximum fat loss and helps eliminate chronic fatigue. 

This 3-Day Cleanse is a perfect way to trim down after holiday eating, for a special occasion or just to get you feeling great again.  Take the cleanse and see how good you will feel in just 3 days.

Ingredients/ Includes

+ 9 Packets of Vitality Blend

+ 6 Viance Nutrition Bars

+ Viance Blender Bottle

+ Viance Ultra Slim

+ Program Guide

This is the second time I have done this cleanse. The shakes are amazing, the bars are satisfying and I never feel hungry. I do feel energized and my body truly releases much of what makes me feel sluggish and "heavy". I will do it again in the next few months to reignite!

Ilona N.

Viance customer

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