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Do you find it frustrating when you're trying to eat healthy and you just can't find that perfect snack that will keep you energized and trim without loading you up with sugar and fatty carbs? I know I used to and that is why we developed our line of Viance Energy Bars. 

Our energy bars are high in easy to digest plant based protein, for lean muscle growth, loaded with fiber, to slow down your digestion to keep you full, infused with omega-3s, to improve your ability to metabolize fat and contain the perfect amount of sugar for rapidly absorbed energy.  

So, whether you're looking for that perfect snack to keep you on your diet or need long lasting energy for that hike up the mountain, Viance Energy Bars are perfectly balanced to keep you energized, healthy and fit. Just grab one and go!

Ingredients/ Includes

+ Only 18 grams Net-Carbs

+ 100% All Natural Ingredients

+ No Preservatives or Anything Artificial

+ 10g Organic Protein

+ 33% Daily Fiber

+  Packed with Healthy, Omega-3 Fats, Phytonutrients

These are by far the BEST bars I have ever had! They taste great and are full of natural ingredients. They fill me up and knowing I am putting something healthy in my body makes me feel even better! I look forward to having one a couple times a day!! Cranberry is my favorite, peanut butter is a close 2nd. I don't normally like fig, but even the fig ones are really good.

Rita A.

Repeat Viance Customer

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